• Let's Build an Inclusive Sustainable Society.. TOGETHER




    A platform created for enterprises to engage with entrepreneurs, artists and creatives who develop products and services in support of both society and environment. We help organizations scout, align, fund and engage with women and the underrepresented to achieve their sustainability goals while aiding with their diversity and inclusion efforts.

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  • - we are sustainably inclusive-

    "We are orchestrating a more inclusive sustainability ecosystem while addressing organizational diversity and inclusion initiatives."

    Wilhelmina Jewell Sparks

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  • - we are sustainably inclusive -

    We all know that sustainability and tech would benefit from more structured diversity and inclusion business models. The European Commission has been committed to building inclusive communities and promoting diversity and inclusion with the goal of getting public institutions, private companies, non-profit organizations and cities to work together. This goal has been amplified due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has put diversity and inclusion even more at risk. 


    UNITED17 Venture Lab provides a solution to help others build sustainably inclusive businesses by providing a platform inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, in order to help enterprises and funds find, fund and co-create with women and underrepresented founders. By helping organizations tackle issues such as climate change, diversity, inclusion, and the identification of investment worthy solutions which need funding in order to scale, we are valued resource. 

    - we ALL matter -

    -we are sustainably inclusive-



  • Sustainability should

    transcend beyond mainstream society. It's about future generations, our society, our planet...


    We (UNITED17 Venture Lab) focus on the


    The inclusion of diverse ethnicities, genders and different generations. We want to aid others with their inclusion milestones by scouting sustainable brands, aligning sustainability enthusiasts and skilled individuals with organizations looking to diversify their talent pool, and granting resources to companies doing good in a sustainably inclusive manner.

    This is the only way to protect our environment and our society.


  • "Making Sustainability More Inclusive"


    We are building a community of sustainability practitioners and enthusiasts in order to dismantle the structural barriers that prevent the participation and leadership of women, mothers and minorities within the sustainability sector.


    We partner with venture firms, NGOs, Corporates and startups on a mission to save our environment and planet.

    - Each year, the fashion industry loses $500 billion in value as a result of unsustainable business practices.

    - Around one third of food produced globally is lost or wasted – that's about 1.3 billion tonnes each year. We cannot achieve a sustainable food system without addressing the challenge of food loss and waste.


    We want to change this by educating others. How does one live more sustainably?We align individuals with opportunities spanning the areas of sustainable fashion, beauty, lifestyle and food.



    we respect the integrity of you, your products & services. we are not an agency, but we are practitioners who care about our society, our environment, and all beings. we value, diversity and inclusion, and trust those who value people as well as money.


    - we are sustainably inclusive -



    - we are sustainably inclusive -

    We "bridge the gap" between diversity and sustainability.


    Our goal is to provide opportunities, resources and mentorship to those wanting to work in sustainability careers. We focus on the areas of fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle and environment.


    Our members are Start-ups, Corporates, NGOs, practitioners, enthusiasts, freelancers and brands.





    We align practitioners of sustainable products and services with the underrepresented.


    In order to combat climate change, we have to be inclusive and considerate of all of mankind. We want to support businesses aligned with the SDGs in order to help them scale and fund their business operations. We provide a sustainable pipeline to address organization needs, fund diverse founders and diversify their vendor supply chains.


    We scout innovative solutions and work with founders to help them co-create innovative solutions for society and environment.


    We help you co-create sustainable companies by aligning you with mentors and resources to unleash your inner sustainable self.

    Brand Placement

    We align people with innovative solutions, and qualified individuals, film and media to make sustainability more inclusive for all.

    Directory + Jobs

    List your jobs with us and lets get more people interested in working for sustainably inclusive brands that are safe for our health, environment and society.


    We want to help make the food supply chain more sustainable and fair. We align with food organizations to help manage food supply chains in a sustainably, inclusive way.

    Fashion + Beauty

    We support sustainably inclusive products and services. We align your brand with qualified sustainability enthusiasts and help you diversify your physical and digital reach. We create digital fashion items .